Benefits of Solar water heater

Renewable energy is used in solar water heaters 

Let’s look at the facts.

Every day, a family of four using an electric geyser that runs on a non-renewable source of electricity emits roughly 3 kg of CO2. Thousands of kilograms of CO2 could be released each year. Solar water heaters, on the other hand, use renewable energy from the sun and have a low carbon footprint.

 They consume no electricity or fuel.

The electricity consumption from a single day of use is about 9kWh. This works out to a monthly cost of Rs.2700 and an annual cost of Rs.32,400. As a result, we end up spending thousands of rupees on electricity bills.

A 200 Litre solar water heater system can save about 4 units a day, 120 units a month, and 1440 units a year electricity savings. As a result, you can save Rs. 7732 annually.  

Low Maintenance

Solar water heater does not require a lot of maintenance it only needs a simple cleaning. No wear and tear necessitate routine maintenance. We provide 5 Years of warranty.   

They work during power cuts

The effect of power cuts is not applied because the solar system does not require electricity. 

Quick and easy to install

installation of a solar water system is quite easy and needs less time. Proper installation of the solar system depends on many factors such as Location Climate, Resources, and Safety measures. But our Technical expert Engineers have experience of all these things. You can trust us easily for the quality and functionality of the product we are the best solar water company in Dehradun. 

Solar Water Heating systems come in Multiple capacities

 A family of two needs a much smaller solar water heater than a family of four. Similarly, if you have guests coming over often you may need to build some emergency capacity.

Considering these needs, solar water heaters come in variable sizes – 200,300, and 500LPD are the common ones.  

Have a long life

Can last more than 12 years in locations with moderate to good water quality. These systems survive at least 7-10 years, even in places with poor water quality. This is still much cheaper than owning an electric water heater or geyser which has a comparable have less life than a solar water heater. 


Solar water heaters have a number of advantages over electric geysers. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes, have reduced lifetime costs, longer lifespan, and cut your carbon impact dramatically.

Given these advantages, we recommend solar water heaters as your home’s first clean, long-term energy investment.


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