18 watt solar street lights


What is solar street light?

A solar street lighting system uses photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into DC electricity. The produced electricity can be used immediately or stored in batteries for use during the night hours.

Dysun is one of the leading suppliers of lighting products to various companies, road contractors, village panchayats, and Nagar panchayats. We have a wide range of Solar Street lights as per the demand. 

Types of solar street light

There are two types of solar street lights:- solar street lights with LPF batteries and solar street lights with SMF batteries. 

  • Solar street lights with LFP batteries- In comparison to other batteries, Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) batteries are capable of charging and discharging at high speeds  There are two types of solar street lights with LPF batteries are- 12watt, 18 watt 
  • Solar street light with SMF batteries- Sealed Maintenance Free batteries are called SMF batteries Since these batteries are maintenance Free and completely sealed, there is no need to add water, so they are Eco-Friendly there is no damage to floors by leakage of battery acid or water during maintenance. There are two types of solar street lights with SMF batteries are- 12watt as well as 18 watt 

Solar street lights with LFP batteries of 18 watt

The 18-watt solar street light consists of a solar panel, a solar battery, a solar charge controller (built-in), LEDs, and other small solar accessories. solar panels absorb sun rays and then convert them into electricity. The electricity will be used to illuminate the building roads, etc at night. solar street light has been designed in a way to save energy and money. Now, solar street light has a sensor that automatically that turns on, off as per the demand.

Advantages of solar street lights with LFP batteries are-

  • The system is energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • No need for battery maintenance.
  • A solar street light reduces the risk of an accident at night.
  • They are environmental friendly 
  • Solar street lights use Led lights
  • After that, 2 years warranty.
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