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Dysun is the brand of Sustainable Himalayas for the smart housing projects, Under this brand. we provide innovative & energy-efficient products. your energy requirement & make safe your types of equipment & appliances from rusting & lightning. Under the “DYSUN” brand we offer  Solar Water HeaterSolar Power Plant (Off-Grid & On-Grid)Solar Street LightEarthing,  Kit & Anti Scale System

Dysun is a well-known “solar company in Dehradun” we provide all types of solar products all over Dehradun.

What does “off-grid” mean?

Particularly, there are two types of solar power systems On-Grid and Off-grid, Solar-powered Solar panels generate power, which is then used to charge a solar battery. The power is then transferred to an inverter so that it may be used by electrical equipment in the house or at the office. It can be efficient to run a home on solar energy even at night or when there is less sun exposure by storing the electricity in a battery.

There are Three Types off-grid

  • 3kw Off Grid Kit: 3kw Off Grid Kit is Suitable for Small Houses, Business Units, etc.

Hence, the system can run a 1500 Watt Load for 6-8 Hours.

  • 2 kW Off Grid: 2kw off Grid Kit is Suitable for Small Houses, Business Units, etc. 

Hence, the system can run a 1000 Watt Load for 6-8 Hours

  • 1 kW Off Grid: 1Kw off Grid Kit is Suitable for Small Houses, Business Units, etc.

Hence, the system can run a 5000 Watt Load for 6-8 Hours.

2kw Off-Grid Kit – 

A 2kW solar system was once the most popular sized residential solar system, and will still suit many people. 2kw Off-Grid system is suitable for Small Houses, Business Units, etc. It helps to reduce the electricity bill up to Rs.15465 annually. An off-grid system produces 8 units a day, Which means 240 units a month and 2880 units a year. A 2kw off-grid system can run a 1000 Watt Load for 6-8 Hours.

Solar Power System Components for Off-Grid System

Solar Panels

The quantity of sunlight accessible in the location, the area available for mounting, and the consumption requirements are all factors that influence the actual size and output capacity of a solar panel.

Battery Bank

Batteries are used to store excess solar energy so that electricity can be supplied even after the sun has set. We only utilize the most reliable batteries, such as UTL and EAPRO.

Solar Inverters

To convert the direct current (DC) by solar panel system into the alternating current (AC) for running common household appliances for example- Fan, T.V, Refrigerator, Mobile, Laptop, etc.

Advantages of Off-Grid Solar Systems

  1. In certain distant places, off-grid solar systems can be less expensive than adding electricity lines.
  2. Become energy self-sufficient
  3. It is not harmful to the environment.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. It is the simplest approach to have an off-grid system in remote regions.
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