Solar Water Heater of 500ltr

What is a solar water heater and how does it work?

A solar water heater heats water by sunlight, using a solar thermal collector. SWHs are commonly employed in both residential and industrial settings. It is both inexpensive and low-maintenance.

                   solar collector absorbed sun rays and then converted them into hot water. Heated water is collected in a collector which protects the heated water to lose its heat that contains a dark absorber plate under one or more glass sheets. Rotation of water from the water tank through the collectors and back to the water tank continues spontaneouslyIt is possible to conserve 3600 units. As a result, (SWH) can save up to Rs 19332 every year. There is no electricity supply to the system. While water heaters can handle the needs of 8 to 10 family members with a capacity of 500 liters per day. This hot water is then transferred to a storage tank and then used for any purpose. Solar water can satisfy all of the hot water requirements of a household or commercial under such conditions. At this time installation is perfect.

Advantages of Solar Water Heater(SWH) 500LDP

  1. Solar water heaters have a reasonable cost
  2. They are cheaper to install 
  3. 5 Years of warranty 
  4. Save Space
  5. Environmental friendly
  6. low maintenance
  7. self-controlling systems
  8. You are utilizing unlimited energy! Solar energy is both free and unlimited (even in cloudy weather).
  9. You can save a lot of money spending on the electricity bill.

Features of 500ltr of (SWH)

  • solar hot water system (SWH) uses the sun’s rays to heat cold water.
  • Restaurants, guest houses, hospitals, factories, and other companies may easily meet their needs with a 500ltr solar water system (SWH).
  • It can be used on roofs, building terraces, and open area that does not receive any shade.
  • High-quality tubes to minimize heat loss
  • In the winter and on partially cloudy days, it performs well.
  • At a reasonable cost, advanced technology is available.
  • Produces hot water without the use of electricity or any other source of energy.
  • You could also consider acquiring a 200-liter solar water heater for small and basic purposes (SWH).
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