Earthing System


Anti-Scale Kit

As we all know, the “earthing rod” is necessary for the safety of our electrical appliances in buildings and business complexes. To address this, dysun a best solar company in Dehradun introduced two building protection kits. We install and test highly conductive, corrosion-free chemical earthing systems, as well as lightning protection systems, and pure copper earthing electrodes. The Product Anti-Scale System guards your tankless water heater against scale damage. “Earthing System” at reasonable prices.

Benefits of an anti-scale kit.

  • It is low-cost and easy to install without causing damage to the pipes.
  • High efficiency, zero water waste, and low operating costs
  • It helps to conserve space.
  • It doesn’t use salt or chemicals, so it’s less expensive to maintain.
  • Water Supply with Mineral Retention in Water at a Low Power Consumption Cost
  • Increases Energy Efficiency of water-using appliances.
  • No Maintenance Required.
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