Everyone wants to save money it can be done by “Solar System” Provide hot water without consumption of expensive electricity and it is also environment friendly. We are the best solar company in Dehradun. We use the latest solar panels of glass technology which increase the life of water tank & it is highly suitable for domestic and commercial use. It can produce enough hot water that can easily fulfill the requirements of hot water for household works. We also provide solar power plants(on-Grid,off-Grid), Solar Street Lights at affordable prices with less maintenance. Things we use in Solar Installers all over India are Inner Tank, Inner Tank Side cover, Glass coating, outer side cover, Puff, Inlet connector, Backup Socket, silicon Ring, Connector Dust Ring, ETC Tubes, Corrugated Box. All of these we also provide 5 years of Warranty on solar panels at reasonable prices.

How Much Money you can save with a Solar Water Heater?

Solar Water Heater needs a one-time investment. For 200LTR, 300LTR, 500LTR investments are Probably like Rs 26500, Rs 32500, Rs 46500.


  • Solar Water Heater of 200 LTR– 200 LTR of SWH is sufficient for 4 to 5 Members. SWH can save 4 units a day it means 120 units a month and 1440 units a year, and Hence SWH will save INR – 7732/Annually.
  • Solar Water Heater of 300 LTR– 300 LTR of SWH is sufficient for 6 to 8 Members. SWH can save 6 units a day it means 180 units a month and 2160 units a year, and Hence SWH will save INR – 11599/Annually.
  • Solar Water Heater of 500 LTR– 500 LTR of SWH is sufficient for 4 to 5 Members. SWH can save 10 units a day it means 300 units a month and 3600 units a year, and Hence SWH will save INR – 19332/Annually.


Installing and maintaining the Solar Water Heater

Proper installation of the solar system depends on many factors such as Location Climate, Resources, and Safety measures. But our Technical expert Engineers have experience of all these things. You can trust us easily for the quality and functionality of the product we are the best solar water company in Dehradun which provides services all over India in an effective manner. We also, provide Regular maintenance of water heaters and Solar Panels. After installing of water heater system you can able to use hot water as you need.

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