3KW On-Grid Solar System


Importance of On-Grid Solar System

A 3KW solar system is one of the most popular for small/medium size homes. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain. An on-grid solar system includes solar batteries, solar panels, and other accessories. If your electricity bill is excessive every month, it is time to switch to an on-grid solar system. 

             A 3kW solar power system will suit your budget and is ideal for a small or medium-sized home with 3 or 4 rooms. Solar panels that will generate 12 units/day. 

Technical Specifications:

Particulars                                               Description

Solar System Capacity –                                3kW

Quantity solar panel –                                   9nos.

Solar Inverter –                                      2.5 kVA solar inverter

Solar Battery –                                              4nos.

Accessories –                                        Fasteners, Cable Tie, Crimping Tool,                            

                                                               Earthing Kit, Lighting  Arrestor

System warranty –                                    5 years                   

Average generation –                       12 units per day

Benefits With Us

  • Technical support from our expert engineers.
  • Payback period within 4 years.
  • Finally, you can reduce your electricity bill by 100%.
  • Govt Subsidy Available ( Subject to availability of Subsidy)


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Phone no.- 87551-54434 (contact person-Manoj Uniyal)

we look forward to hearing from you.


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