Dysun is a solar company providing Solar products all over India from the year 2017. Dysun provides solar products like solar water heaters, solar power plants(on-Grid, Off-Grid), Solar street lights, Earthing Kits, and many more. India’s one of the biggest and trusted solar company. Dysun installed thousands of solar systems all over India.

Solar Water Heater

An SWH system is a device that uses the sun’s rays to heat water for domestic, commercial, and other needs. Solar water heaters with capacities of 200, 300, 500 liters are suitable for domestic and commercial use. They can save up to 1440 units of electricity per year for every 200 LPD Solar Water Heater of a solar water heater. 300 LPD Solar Water Heater of solar water heater can save up to 2160 units per year, and 500 LPD Solar Water Heater of solar water heater can save 3600 units per year.

solar power plants(on-Grid, Off-Grid)

On-Grid solar power system

An on-grid solar-powered system reduces electricity expenses. There are three capacities of an on-grid system Solar On-Grid System 10 KW, Solar On-Grid System 5 KW, Solar On-Grid System 3 KW. on-grid solar systems to run your essential household items like refrigerator, TV, fan, mobile, laptop, tube light. The electricity meter will be replaced by a bi-directional meter. As well as you can sell surplus electricity to the government.

Off-Grid solar power system

An off-grid solar-powered system reduces the electricity expenses of our household. Solar panels generate power, which is then used to charge a solar battery. It can be efficient to run a home on solar energy even at night or when there is less sun exposure. Check out some off-grid systems-  Solar off Grid System 3 KW, Solar off Grid System 2 KW, Solar off Grid System 1 KW

Solar street lights

Solar street lights are the answers to environmental sustainability when the world runs out of fossil fuels. LED lights are more energy-efficient than conventional lamps. They give greater lighting and can last up to ten times longer than conventional bulbs. Solar panels and other solar lighting systems are simple to install, making them a great option for you. There are many options in solar street light 12 Watt Solar Street Light (SMF Battery ), 12 Watt Solar Street Light, 18 Watt Solar Street Light with LFP Battery, 18 Watt Led With SMF Battery



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