Solar Panel Street Light

About Us!

We Dysun have established ourselves as a leading name in the Solar LED Street Light product range for high quality.

We have cheerfully introduced our products following industry standards, and we strive to present the best, most trustworthy, and most competitive items to the market. These have a low power consumption while providing a long service life.

Types of street light 

  • 12 Watt Solar Street Light
  • 18 Watt Solar Street Light with Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery
  • 12 Watt Solar Street Light (SMF Battery )
  • 18 Watt Led With SMF Batter

Specifications for 12watts (SSL):-

  1. Solar Panel                                  –                75 Watt MNRE approved Solar Panel(Make: IB Solar)
  2. Solar Battery                               –               45 Ah/12 V(SMF Battery, Make-Okaya)
  3. LED Light                                   –                12 Watt
  4. Pole Height                                 –                5 meters
  5. Dusk & Down Controller         –                Equipped in LED Lights
  6. Cables & other accessories      –                As per requirement(ISI mark)
  7. Autonomy                                   –                2 Days
  8. Final Cost of System                 –                Rs. 20500.00 (Twenty Thousand Five Hundred only ) + GST
  9. Warranty                                     –               2 Years
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Phone no.- 87551-54434 (contact person-Manoj Uniyal)

we look forward to hearing from you.

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