Solar street light

The Dysun range of solar street lights makes use of high-efficiency LED to provide lighting anywhere that is directly exposed to sunlight. Our systems offer an integrated battery bank (40 Ah/12 V Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery) and high-efficiency solar panels in a compact package. 

The 18-watt solar street light system comes with an inbuilt Lithium Ion/Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery pack, The system requires less maintenance allowing for easier installation.

 SOLAR PANEL                                              30W

BATTERY PACK                                40 Ah/12 V( Lithium Ferro

                                                                           Phosphate Battery                                                       

SOLAR CHARGING TIME                      6 hours

WATERPROOF                                               Yes

WORKING TEMPERATURE             -25 C to 65 C

LED WORKING LIFE                      More than 50,000 hours

WARRANTY                                             2 years 

Pole height                                                 5 meters



Operating Mode: Dusk to dawn

33% brightness Run Mode

100% brightness on PIR detection (motion sensor)


Customer-specific options are also available-

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