Solar water heater

Solar water heater many people say it solar geyser. Solar water heaters use natural sunlight to heat water. Using the thermosiphon principle, this system produces hot water without using electricity. This is the most effective way to generate hot water cost-effectively without harming of environment. This solar water heater has a tank that comes with 5 years of warranty. The solar water heater includes a storage tank, Solar collector.

When it comes to a solar system in India Dysun is one of the best solar company  It makes a solar product durable, cost-effective, etc. solar heaters are meant for both home and commercial installation in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. A 200LPD solar water heater of dysun is the best solar water heater in India and it is ideal for a family of four to five people. Like all solar systems, the solar water heater is also environmentally friendly. Its purpose is to reduce the electricity bill and save the environment. Since the tank is glass-coated, the water remains clean and hygienic automatically.

sizes of solar water heater

  1. 200LPD- It is ideal for 4 to 5 people and can save annually up to Rs. 7732.
  2. 300LPD- It is ideal for 5 to 6 people and can save annually up to Rs. 7732.
  3. 500LPD- It is ideal for 6 to 7 people and can save annually up to Rs. 7732.

Advantages of solar water heater

  • The size of the system is up to you
  • Low Maintainance
  • Less Space
  • Cost Saving
  • High effective
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