Solar Water Heating System

At first, the solar system is a device that provides hot water the helps heat water by using the sun’s energy. This energy is the gift of nature. Water is easily heated to a temperature of 80-90C. Dysun is one of the best solar company in Dehradun which provides solar water heaters 200 ltr,300 ltr, 500 ltr capacity are appropriate for domestic use. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc huge systems are appropriate. A 200 liters capacity solar water heater can reduce electricity expenses and save approximately 1440 units annually. while the use of 300 ltr and 500 ltr of solar water heater capacity each can contribute to a saving of approximately 2160 to 3600 units annually.

How Solar Water Heater works?

During the daytime, solar collectors absorbed sun rays and then converted them into hot water. after that heated water is collected in a collector which protects the heated water to lose its heat that contains a dark absorber plate under one or more glass sheets. eventually, the rotation of water from the water tank through the collectors and back to the water tank continues spontaneously. The best solar company in Dehradun provides solar water heater (SWH) of GL (glass Line). Glass line is a renewable source of energy We will help you choose a system appropriate for your current needs but we can also meet your future demand as if you want.

Main Components Of Solar Water Heating System

The main components of a solar water heater system are
1. Solar Collector Panel( to collect solar energy)
2. Storage tank (to store hot water)
3. Supporting stand
4. Connecting pipes and instrumentation etc.
5. as well as Pump

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